We live in an age of business and nowadays having your own business is more important than it has ever been. There are many courses and guides to start your own business in many niches, whenever it’s online world or an offline real world.

A lot of people have a good understanding of how to start their own businesses and become successful, a lot of people quit their jobs and starting in business. That’s great, but it has also several big, disadvantages…

While having own business is such a big trend and popular choice nowadays and competition is at the highest level, within “clean” business ideas there are also a lot of dirty tricks dishonest people are using to earn money at someone’s expense.

Medicine and healthcare products are one of the largest, most competitive and necessary for everyone niche when it comes to business. There are a lot big brands and more are starting out daily, with such big demand for medical products, unfortunately, we are seeing rapidly increasing scams to that field too and in the 21st century, it really reached a very scary point.

Unlike some other industries, medicine is something that’s extremely important for everyone and the appearance of many fake or low-quality products is very unfortunate.

Nowadays when you’re buying anything related to your health and well-being, you should be very careful and always take necessary steps to check whether the drug or pill you’re buying is actually original product licensed by healthcare experts.

After all, that’s something that can have a huge effect on your health and in some cases, low quality, fake or cloned medicine can cause critical problems or even death – hard to hear but very true.

Fortunately, while scammers are getting more and trickier, smarter and advanced with their methods there are still ways you can use to verify which piece of medicine is genuine and which is counterfeit.

How to differentiate fake medicine from real

There are some ways you should always pay attention to when you’re buying any medical product to ensure it’s genuine product and will give you expected results.

  1. Always buy from trustworthy sources

Whenever you’re buying medicine online or offline, you should always make sure the selling facility is licensed by responsible structures and they are approved by medicine’s official company for selling their products.

It’s simple but effective way to avoid being scammed, most of fake or cloned products are sold in some unofficial, untrustedpharmacies that don’t have access to original product’s company.

  1. Verify price

It’s a very well-known practice. Counterfeit products are maximally looking like original product but have minor difference in appearance and are much cheaper.

There isn’t any good reason why original product may be much cheaper than it’s advertised and available on official website and partner drugstores.

When you’re buying any drug, always check it’s the price on official website and some trusty, partner drugstores so you can verify if price is real or slightly different.

You can always do it easily online, for example you can check Benadryl price in mercury drug with just one click and make sure the product you’re buying is genuine.

  1. Take a good look atidentification information

Good brands create quality medical products, advertised it very well and build great reputation for their products, that’s why many doctors, experts and people trust and choose it. There is a high demand for such products and a lot of people are buying it.

That’s a great opportunity for scammers to use someone else’s popularity & trust to sell their own low quality clone products.

Usually, fake medicine looks much like the real one, with similar name and design, however as they want to avoid copyright issues they can use exactly same name, logo or design.

You should always read the name carefully. There may be a little difference of one letter from the original’s name. Also the logo is another common trick. Pay attention that logo looks the same as original product has. It shouldn’t have any additional elements, texts, styling & etc.

Slogans, colors, description and design of the product should be exactly the same as available on official website, any difference means that it may be some clone product with lower quality.

It’s important to always be careful when it’s about your health and medicine, be careful, smart and pay attention to details. Don’t use questionable reputation products to save money and make sure you’re well-being isn’t at risk.